Lambdaboard®, supplied by Rigifoam, was installed at the new Forest Hill Pick n Pay store.


In keeping with the green forest design theme of the new Forest Hill City mall in Olievenhoutbosch, Pick n Pay has again opted for Lambdaboard® insulation for their Forest Hill store. About 3 500m² was kitted out with 80mm Lambdaboard® over purlin, proposed and supplied by Rigifoam.

Lambdaboard® is HCFC free and contains no other ozone depleting substances, which means that it does not contribute to global warming.

Ponen Rajah, Pick n Pay general manager for store design and construction explains that as part of the company’s drive towards green building, they look for green options when it comes to selecting products and materials. The company used to install ceilings in their stores, but replaced it with Lambdaboard®.

Why Lambdaboard®?
“Apart from being environmentally friendly and providing insulation, Lambdaboard® is also an aesthetically appealing solution. The Pick n Pay installation is washable and can therefore be wiped clean from time to time,” says Rajah.

“It looks neat and the white colour, as opposed to the traditional foil, reflects light back and reduces the demand for artificial lighting. We are seeing the results on our energy bill and have already achieved great savings. Although the initial capital expenditure is a bit more expensive, it is outweighed by the many advantages,” he adds.

According to James Powell from Rigifoam, the company recommended Lambdaboard® as a specification for Pick n Pay because it is simply the best insulation on the market, and since it has been accepted two years ago, it has remained the specification for all Pick n Pay projects, especially new corporate stores.

Unlike thermoplastic types of insulation that melts above certain temperatures, such as in the event of fire, Lambdaboard® is a thermoset product. In case of a fire, it will char and self-extinguish.

“It is the insulation with the best R-value and with its long term thermal values, it can last the lifespan of the building,” Powell points out.

In fact, Rigifoam’s agreement with Pick n Pay includes a 20 year guarantee on the product. “This is not something you get nowadays,” says Rajah. “For us, Lambdaboard® is a permanent solution.”

“It is also easy and much quicker to install than other products on the market. It doesn’t lose its thickness, can be cut to any length to fit the space perfectly without revealing any unsightly joints and can be used in a range of application methods,” Rajah states.

Andrew Vermeulen from Chartwell Roofing, the roofing contractor who did the installation, says that in general they favour installing board products as it leaves both the client and tenant with a neater finish and superior thermal values. “The installation thereof is also preferred as it is robust and will last far longer than several other products on the market.”

Because the Lambdaboard® is installed in between the steel structure and the roof sheeting, with the roof sheeting being attached to the purlin through the Lambdaboard®, loosening of the board doesn’t happen, even over the long term.

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Key benefits of Lambdaboard®
The product:
–    Is recyclable
–    Is an environmental “green” choice
–    Contains no ozone depleting substances
–    Is HCFC free
–    Has the highest stable R-value per 25mm of thickness.
–    Is moisture-resistant and water-repellent.
–    Is resistant to solvents used in construction adhesives.
–    Has excellent dimensional stability.
–    Has superior performance in fire tests.
–    Doesn’t soften at 60°C.
–    Has a stable service temperature range from -30°C to 140°C.
–    Is made from thermo-set material that does not soften or melt.
–    Has high compressive strength.