After 40 years in the industry, Debbie Boardman from FloorworX finds it difficult to pinpoint one favourite project. When pressed, she would have to say that the House of Traditional Leaders Bhisho (which was designed by Ikamva Architects in Queenstown) was definitely one of the most exciting and challenging.

“This was a prestigious project and the largest aquajet order I have had the privilege of working on. Both the architect and designer were very happy with the wide choice of bright, bold colour combinations Marmoleum could offer, and together with the designs of the aquajetted inserts, a distinct ethnic feel was achieved for the interior,” says Debbie.

“Marmoleum is a product I am passionate about so it wasn’t hard to be enthusiastic,” Debbie continues. “It was a huge learning curve making myself au fait with the vagueries of the aquajetting process – particularly some of the limitations! We also had to ensure the designs were transmitted in the correct format to Forbo in Europe so that there were no misunderstandings about the requirements.”

“Hard work, focus and tackling issues head-on as they arose were contributing factors to the success of this project,” concludes Debbie.

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