U-Solve is the only software program available in South Africa that will calculate certified whole-window U-values and SHGC values based on Wispeco’s range of aluminium extrusions.

U-Solve is endorsed by SAFIERA, the South African Fenestration and Insulation Energy Rating Association, and the results are verified by formal SAFIERA test certificates issued against actual ‘hot-box’ testing.

U-Solve allows the user to design aluminium windows, doors and shop fronts by specifying both the configuration and the dimensions of the design. U-Solve then calculates the certified U-value and SHGC values of that design, no approximations are used.

There is a wide range of glass types available on U-Solve; all backed by official IGDB (International Glass Database) numbers. Both generic glass codes and PFG-specific glass codes are available in the program. The U-values and SHGC values calculated are not the COG (Centre of Glass) values, but rather the whole-window values, which take both the aluminium frame and edge of glass effects into consideration.

U-Solve also performs the full SANS 204 calculation for the fenestration element of the building. The actual U-values and SHGC values, determined during the design process, are used to perform the SANS 204 analysis. The program includes built-in solar exposure factors, which correspond to the specific climate zones of South Africa. The user can also specify individual shading ratios (P/H ratios) for each window, door or shop front.

U-Solve allows the user to easily change the frame and glass type to evaluate the effect on the overall thermal performance.  In this way it becomes simple to determine the minimum requirements for compliance with SANS 204 and/or optimise thermal fenestration performance.

There are several reports available in U-Solve, which can be submitted in conjunction with plans to municipalities and local authorities for approval.

U-Solve is available completely free of charge from the U-Solve website

To take advantage of this offer, simply visit the U-Solve website and select the option “Download your FREE Copy of U-Solve”.