Four new premium floor coverings for MOSO® Bamboo Elite

by Ofentse Sefolo
Four new premium floor coverings for MOSO® Bamboo Elite

CO2-neutral bamboo parquet in XXL format with new decors and convenient click-installation

MOSO, Zwaag/NL.- The MOSO® Bamboo Elite flooring collection is one of the bestsellers of solid bamboo floor coverings. Due to the high demand, bamboo specialist MOSO® has now extended the collection with four variants. In addition to the introduction of the new Natural White colour and a new surface finish, MOSO® has also upgraded the flooring’s technical functions: increased stability with a significantly wider plank and a click system for comfortable floating installation. As one of the most sustainable floors currently available on the market and with its fresh appearance, it is certainly a contemporary and aesthetic choice.

Extra wide to give a luxurious look
The XXL format doesn’t only make rooms look more spacious, it also gives them an extra touch of luxury. The dimensions are reminiscent of the parquet planks in stately mansions. To further enhance this look, the MOSO® Bamboo Elite Premium boards have a width of 190 mm. That’s another 31 mm more than the original Bamboo Elite flooring, which are as wide as 159 mm, and already wider than most conventional bamboo floors. This new plank size is made possible by the improved stability of the cross-laminated bamboo middle layers. MOSO® compresses the bamboo strips in an optimised manufacturing process.

Contemporary bright colours
The four new premium versions are available in two optics: Side Pressed and Density®. The natural appearance of the sustainable bamboo flooring is accentuated by a very matt lacquer with delicate white tones. Bamboo Elite Premium is available in the following versions:

As with all MOSO® flooring, special attention was paid to environmental aspects in the development of the four new products; in fact, they already comply with the new emission regulations that will come into force in Germany in 2020. In addition to the lacquered versions Caramel and Natural White, MOSO® has also provided an oiled surface for the Side Pressed Caramel optics. Following the expansion of the collection, Bamboo Elite is now available in all bamboo structures and colors: Side Pressed, Plain Pressed and Density®, each in Caramel and Natural colours.

Technical properties at the highest level
Bamboo Elite Premium Density® is very stable due to the symmetrical structure of an upper and lower layer of Density® bamboo. The high Brinell hardness of up to 9.5 kg/mm² (EN 1534) makes it impressively wear resistant: It is more robust than any other classic parquet. MOSO® confirms its long service life with a 30-year manufacturer’s warranty on Bamboo Elite Premium floors. These technical properties are complemented by the exceptionally high fire class of up to Bfl-s1 (Density® versions, according to EN 13501-1), making Bamboo Elite Premium Density® flooring particularly interesting not only for residential applications, but also for commercial properties such as offices, restaurants and retail stores. Thanks to the click system, the floating installation of the flooring saves time and is convenient. When installing on underfloor heating or in the commercial sector, MOSO® recommends fully gluing the flooring to the subfloor.

Sustainable – more than just a statement
Sustainability has become an integral part of MOSO®’s product and company policy. Although many flooring manufacturers describe their products as sustainable and ecological, this statement is not sufficient for MOSO®. Moso bamboo is a giant grass that has reached the characteristics of hardwood after a growth period of about 5 years and can then be harvested for processing. If you compare the manufacturer’s guarantee of 30 years for the Bamboo Elite Premium flooring collection with the growth period, you get an impressive result: Moso bamboo grows six times until harvest maturity during this period and this is solely due to the spreading of rhizomes, i.e. without new plantings. The LCA report (Life Cycle Analysis) conducted by TU Delft (ISO 14040/44) shows that Bamboo Elite Premium, evaluated over its entire life cycle, is CO2 neutral. Thanks to additional test results and optional availability as FSC®-certified flooring, the solid bamboo floor contributes to the assessment of sustainable building certification such as LEED and BREEAM.

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