In line with modern design practices, a hospital needs some outdoor space, and often include a series of courtyard gardens. The Nelson Mandala Children’s Hospital is a perfect example of an effort being made to include a therapeutic component into the design of every landscape area.

The successful design of a therapeutic landscape relies on four aspects:
1. Visual and physical accessibility to the landscape
2. Ease of mobility for people who have movement difficulties
3. Functional spaces that meet different relaxation needs
4. Sensory stimulation

Patients and family members need to experience reprieve from their stressful circumstances so the goal of landscape design should be to help achieve this through a peaceful and restorative environment.

Seamless Flooring Systems PLAYSaFE safety rubber flooring was installed in all the courtyards of the Nelson Mandela Hospital. The product offers shock absorption and significantly reduces the risk of fall-related injuries, making it suitable for public or, municipal playgrounds, sports fields, athletic tracks, hospital courtyards, daycare centres and retirement homes.

In South Africa, fall protection flooring is a legal requirement in play areas where children could fall more than 60cm. PLAYSaFE can be tailored to suit individual project specifications

EcoRubba is either used as the wear layer or as the cushion layer beneath the colourful Playsafe EDDM range. Logos, pathways and figurines can be installed in different colours to demarcate various areas. The flooring is mixed on site by combining EPDM resins with UV stable resins. It is poured onto the floor, applied in a wet pour technique and hand trowelled across the floor by trained and qualified artisans.

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