If you are considering installing a stone floor that is trowel-applied on site, then these are the ten things you need to investigate and double-check before getting started. 

1. The stones should be naturally rounded over time, rather than mined and crushed because the crushing process causes cracks/fissures, which can compromise the floor’s ability to handle point load impact.
2. Dynamiting quartz from rock faces, and then mechanically crushing allows for sharp edges, which with pressure may break through the protective resin. If water then finds its way through this weakness, the whole floor could be compromised.
3. The stones should be washed, fire-dried, and have a residual moisture content of less than 0,2%.
4. 99% of the stones should be SiO2 graded into the different stone sizes.
5. The more resin the stronger the floor, so be sure to check the resin ratio.
6. The type of resin used will dictate whether the floor degrades by yellowing in the sun, becoming brittle or fading and being “Chalky”.
7. It is important to put a primer between the concrete and the stone floor.
8. The correct primer is essential. Many companies omit the primer, as they are not sure what to use.
9. If colour is added to the resin, the colour will be between the stones, rather than on them.
10. No discount is a good buy, so don’t opt for a cheaper product if this detracts from the quality.

There are simply no short cuts to quality, so the rule of thumb is always to choose an established and experienced company that offers a reputable service, at an honest price.

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