Most buildings have structural move requirements, which necessitate that the flooring slab or wall structure be created with an appropriate gap width to allow for contraction and expansion of the floor and wall. Creating the gap is easy, but how do you cover it?

The locally manufactured structural movement joints for floors from M.Trim can accommodate movement from ±5mm (a total of 10mm) up to ±10mm (a total of 20mm). For movements greater than ±10mm, the company recommends their Vexcolt range of structural floor movement joints.

These ranges are ideal for tiled screeded floors, powerfloated slabs and retrofitted joints. All these structural joints are plugged and screw fixed on both sides of the joint. The structural joint widths can vary from 10-30mm and are available in 3m lengths. The larger movement of ±10mm requires a 30mm deep joint, is used in a screed floor and it is available in 4m lengths.

Structural joints have two types of flexible PVC infills. Smooth Hospital infill and V notched standard infill, which are weather resistant and resistant to certain chemicals. They are currently available in black and dark grey. Another option is to use structural movement joint covers on walls and floors. The wall joint covers are aluminium and are used in conjunction with spring steel clips to hold them in place.

Using a comprehensive structural joint questionnaire, Kirk can recommend which structural expansion joint is needed for the expected floor and wall movement and loading.

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