Kirk Marketing’s M.Trim range of laminate floor profiles ensure an installation that is perfectly rounded-off.

Kirk Marketing’s M.Trim range of laminate floor profiles now include the New Foiled Trims available in 11 wood foiled colours to closely match most of the different laminate floors available today.

If a match cannot be found, simply match the floor with one of Kirk’s many anodised colours. The anodised trims act neutrally to the colour of the wood on the laminate floor. The M.Trim range of laminate trims made from aluminium has a “slimline” look making the transitions on the laminate floor flow with ease for pedestrian and trolley traffic.

Laminate floors are fitted as floating floors and will experience expansion and contraction in all horizontal directions against walls, cupboards, doorways, sliding doors and any fixed object such as columns. Hence the need for a comprehensive range of laminate profiles which Kirk Marketing offers in their M.Trim range of laminate trims.

The range includes the “T”-section expansion that is installed between same level floors or when it is needed on a the laminate floor that stretches over 8m along the width of the plank and/or 12m along the length of the plank. The “transition” is between floors of different thicknesses – up to 6mm height difference.

M.Trim offers two versions of end covers and can be used against cupboards, walls, sliding doors and existing skirtings.

All the above trims allow for roughly 8mm of movement. The above trims can also be used with wood and bamboo floors and even LVT’s if required. The thicker floors are fitted with different bases allowing flooring from 6mm to 14mm to be fitted using the M.Trim range of laminate trims.

The company offers other trims such as retrofit nosings that complement the Kirk laminate trim range as well as capping strips for curved floating laminate floors. They also have a comprehensive range of skirtings and quadrants to match laminate floors.

Their comprehensive range of laminate floor finish requirements ensures that any installation will be perfectly rounded-off to last the lifetime imposed on it by manufacturers.