Aluglass Bautech explains how to create soundproof space in offices, conference centres and other corporate buildings – easily and affordably.

Just as people should have the right to turn up the volume and have confident, robust discussions, so they should have the right to work and concentrate in silence. Aluglass Bautech offers a range of solutions to ease the confusion of having to choose – both options can co-exist.

With Aluglass Bautech acoustic treatment solutions, easy and affordable, for soundproof spaces in offices, conference centres and other corporate buildings.

Ultimate flexibility: Variflex mobile acoustic partitions
Easy to operate, Variflex partitions can subdivide meeting venues or conference facilities and are available in heights of up to 12m. The elements are top-hung and since no floor track is required, the floor finish remains uninterrupted. When the elements are in position, the top and bottom seals extend to create a completely private acoustic room.

Functional access: Varikust doors
Complementary to the Variflex system, Varikust acoustic doors are multi-rebated with an internal handle-activated sealing mechanism between the bottom of the door leaf and the threshold. These come in a vast array of finishes such as natural wood veneers, melawood and more to suit individual interior design preferences.

Comfort: Moveo motorised acoustic partitions
Moveo movable, sound-insulating partitioning systems enable flexible spatial management with ease and speed. Manufactured in Germany, these elements move into position and extend their seals at the touch of a button. Opaque elements as well as transparent glass elements are on offer.

A plan for openness: GF Serene demountable acoustic glass
To create quiet office spaces within an open-plan layout, while keeping a sense of openness, the GF Serene acoustic re-mountable partition system is quick and easy to install, remove and reinstall with modular glass elements and flexible frame components. The GF Serene range also integrates directly with the Varikust VK62 acoustic doors and Variflex VX83 mobile acoustic walls.

Extra noise reduction: Absorption panels
Reverberated sound is a certainty in large buildings with high ceilings where large numbers of people work, have conversations or just move around. To optimise sound clarity and reduce unwanted reflections and echoes, Fabricmate absorption panels can either be fixed to the ceiling or onto the walls. These panels can be finished in virtually all colours and fabrics to suit the interior design.  

Aluglass Bautech’s technical skills, custom design and quality materials offer clever solutions to any challenge. The team gives all the expert advice needed to choose the most suitable product, be it doors and partitions or absorption panels for commercial and residential projects. The company delivers professional installation and after-sales service.

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