FAQ about epoxy grout

by Ofentse Sefolo
FAQ about epoxy grout

Zamaswazi Ntobela, Product Manager of Products for Ceramic, Porcelain and Stone Materials at Mapei South Africa answers a few common questions about epoxy grouts.

Q: Are resin-based products hard to use?
A: Not anymore, thanks to progress in chemical product innovation in the built environment. The latest generation of water-based, two-component epoxy resin-based grouts have a creamy consistency, which makes them much easier to use and clean off surfaces.

Q: When should epoxy grouts be used?
A: To grout and tile areas that will be exposed to chemicals, such as dairies, breweries and other companies in the food and beverages industry. It is even advisable for worktops of domestic kitchens.

Q: When shouldn’t you use resin-based products?
A: Generally, you shouldn’t use epoxy resin for particularly porous tiles or stone because the grout could be deposited in the pores of the material and you wouldn’t be able to remove it.

Q: What are the most important steps when using epoxy grouts?
A: Three steps that should be taken. Firstly, the two components that make up the grout must be mixed together thoroughly and completely. If possible, use an automatic mixer at low-speed. Secondly, the floor covering must be cleaned with water within a few minutes of filling the joints with product. Lastly, you only have between 30-45 minutes to use the entire bucket once the epoxy has been mixed.

For more information, contact Mapei on Tel: +27 (11) 552 8476, e-mail: info@mapei.co.za or via www.mapei.co.za

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