a.b.e. Construction Chemicals supplied three different products to seal about 5 000m² of roofing in a two-phase waterproofing project.

In the two-phased waterproofing project of Power Park in Epping Industrial, approved a.b.e. applicator, Jaymark, waterproofed about 5 000m² of roofing, using three products supplied by a.b.e. Construction Chemicals, part of the Chryso Southern Africa Group.

Glenn Bouwer, branch and sales manager for a.b.e. in the Western Cape, explains that prior to treatment, the roofs were primed with a.b.e. bituprime, a bitumen primer and sealer usually applied with torch-on membranes, or cold or hot-applied bituminous sealants.

Next, a.b.e.’s index unigum was applied in a 4mm thickness. Reinforced with a rot-proof, non-woven polyester fabric and strengthened fibreglass mat, this bitumen-polymer plastomeric waterproofing membrane is heat-welded and has exceptional dimensional stability.

Bouwer points out that the membranes are covered on the upper face with evenly distributed talc, which allows for easy unrolling during application. The lower face is lined with a protective, non-stick, sacrificial polyethylene Flamina film, which is embossed with small squares to assist in rapid burn-off. When the film burns off, it indicates that the correct melting point for a substrate has been reached. The embossing also allows for vapour diffusion in loose-laid or spot-bonded applications.
“a.b.e unigum membranes are extremely durable and have proved to be the solution to even the most difficult waterproofing problems in thousands of South African waterproofing projects. These include flat, sloping and pitched roofs; reinforced and prefab concrete; masonry cement; as well as metal,  timber decks and terraces,” states Bouwer.

Finally, for the Power Park waterproofing, a coat of a.b.e.’s silvakote, a UV-resistant, highly reflective bitumen-based aluminium paint was applied. Silvakote is suitable for metallic, and most bituminous and concrete surfaces.

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