Capco, a local distributor of Knauf insulation products, has launched three new eco-friendly options fit to insulate the whole building box.
    Ultracoustic-A
Ceiling, partition, roof and floor installations
Manufactured at a high density, Ultracoustic-A o¬ffers excellent acoustic performance for internal building elements such as partitions, suspended ceilings and floors around areas demanding heightened privacy, such as legal or medical consultation chambers, boardrooms and cinemas. It is packaged as two separate 600mm, ready-cut rolls for ease of installation into timber and metal structures.

    Cavity Roll    
Ceiling and partition installations
Ready-cut through the roll’s length, this product is conveniently packaged as two separate 600mm roll widths suitable for friction-fit installation in residential and commercial ceilings and partitions systems with either timber or metal framework, whilst off¬ering exceptional R-values recognised in South Africa.

    Ceiling Roll
Ceiling installations
With partially cut perforations, Combi-cut (perforated) rolls off¬er installers the flexibility and convenience to make narrower roll widths such as 600mm without the use of cutting tools, whilst being robust to allow installation of the full roll width as a single piece.

Eco-friendly properties
All three options are manufactured from naturally occurring and/or recycled raw materials and bonded using bio-based technology. Free from phenols, acrylics, artificial colours, bleach and dyes, it contributes to improved indoor air quality, reduces the impact on the environment through lower embodied energy, reduces pollutant manufacturing emissions and workplace exposures, and improves the overall sustainability of buildings when installed.

At the same time, they offer excellent thermal and acoustical insulation properties, as well as fire resistance and durability.

“Knauf Insulation with Ecose technology is the preferred choice by the modern artisan,” says Capco’s Barry Gould.

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