A durable solution that would increase the lifecycle of a client’s gutters was developed by Sika, who recommended a basecoat and a topcoat from the renowned Sikalastic 600 series as suitable for this application.


Maize seed developers Pioneer Hi-Bred recently contacted Sika to assess the state of box guttering at its manufacturing plants in Rosslyn, Pretoria North. At a meeting with Marchant Wolfaardt of Sika, Pioneer Hi-Bred explained that since they manufacture dry products, it is vitally important that these products are not contaminated with moisture, which would render them useless and lead to costly disposal for the company.

Every few years, to help combat any threat of moisture contamination, the company has replaced the box gutters, a pricey undertaking which can only be carried out during plant shutdown times.

Pioneer Hi-Bred therefore required a durable solution that would increase the lifecycle of its gutters, and Sika recommended a basecoat and a topcoat from the renowned Sikalastic 600 series as suitable for this application. The highly experienced SA Rope Access Company was awarded the contract to apply the specified Sika products.
During application of the basecoat, Sika Reemat Premium, a glass-fibre mat reinforcement, was placed in the gutters. This reinforcement, specifically designed for use with the liquid-applied waterproofing membranes from the Sikalastic 600 series, is easy and quick to apply and adapts to different shapes and profiles on the substrate surface. It ensures correct thickness of the basecoat, as well as enhancing the crack-bridging properties of the basecoat.

Sikalastic-601 BC in oxide red was applied as a basecoat in conjunction with the glass-fibre reinforcing layer. This was followed by a topcoat of Sikalastic-621 TC in slate grey.

Both coats are one-component polyurethane products, whose proven technology boasts a track record of over 20 years – they are cold-applied, seamless, highly elastic and moisture-triggered curing.

Easy and quick to apply while emitting low odour, they are fast-curing with resistance to rain damage during the wet application. When used with approved primers, they will fully bond to most substrates, preventing the migration of water. Both are vapour-permeable and provide strong resistance to common atmospheric chemicals. The topcoat, Sikalastic-621 TC, is UV-colour stable.

All three Sika products used in this project are suitable for new or refurbishment roofing projects and can be applied to roofs displaying many details and complex geometry, even when accessibility is limited. They provide a cost-efficient lifecycle extension of failing roofs and, as in this case, guttering.

Water ponding and sudden rainstorms during the Pioneer Hi-Bred project caused logistical and application challenges but, because Sikalastic products are moisture-triggered curing, water could simply be swept away, allowing contractors to proceed quickly. The project, which commenced in January 2013, was completed by April 2013.
Due to the efficacy of its high-performance products, Sika was able to offer an extensive guarantee to Pioneer Hi-Bred in conjunction with a maintenance plan. Sika is confident that this project will prove a worthwhile undertaking and will save Pioneer Hi-Bred large expenditure over the coming years.

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