Dry-ridge roofing system offers long-term benefits

by Ofentse Sefolo
Dry-ridge roofing system offers long-term benefits

When it comes to roof ridges and hiplines, traditionally not much thought is put into the application or its aesthetics. Pigmented mortar’s “pap-en-lap” system is still widely used for the repair of cracks and leaks, which results in ridge and hip lines that are often darker in shade than the rest of the roof.

Thankfully, consumers now have access to a more durable and aesthetically pleasing ridge and hip solution called the BMI Coverland Dry Ridge System.

Willem Grové, marketing manager at BMI Coverland, explains: “It is called the Dry Ridge System, given the dry application of BMI Coverland’s Figaroll® Plus ridge roll, which is also waterproof. Therefore it seals the ridge/hip line, allowing for optimum air circulation, due to the Figaroll® Plus’s double-ventilation channel.”

Optimum air circulation of the roof space is achieved by the addition of adjusted holes, which along with the pliable aluminium side strips provides ease of installation as well optimum protection against heavy weather. The system’s efficacy is further supported with these product additions:

  1. Pliable Ridge Tree ensures that the ridge and hip battens are aligned.
  2. Ridge Clips, which enable the rapid and secure fixing of ridge tiles.
  3. Kro Klips – corrosion-resistant spring clips used for fixing tiles to valleys and hips.
Cracked mortar on the ridge line can lead to leaks and damage ceilings when it rains.

Figaroll® Plus is produced and tested in Germany, providing a guarantee of durability and highest quality. With the installation time a third of traditional methods, it offers consumers a long-term solution that includes the benefits of:
• Storm- and weatherproof.
• Roof ventilation.
• Prevents cracking or leaking.
• Maintenance free.
• Quick and easy installation.

Using the BMI Coverland Dry Ridge System provides a long-term solution that is easy to install, aesthetically pleasing and, best of all, maintenance free.

Contact BMI Coverland for more information:
Tel: +27 11 222 7300
Email: info.sa@bmigroup.com
Website: www.bmigroup.com/za

Main image: The Dry Ridge System installed on roofs at Waterfall Marina in Pretoria.

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