Agrob Buchtal has combined the excellent properties of ceramic tiles with other advantages such as time saving and simple removal with their new product, DryTile. As the name implies, the laying is carried out “dry” without tile adhesive.

Speed of installation
The system allows tiles to be laid up to eight times faster, making it ideal for projects where rapid completion is essential, such as in the retail industry. The flooring system isn’t intended to replace conventional laying, but to rather complement it and open up new areas of application where ceramic tiles wouldn’t have necessarily been a conventional option. The company also expects DryTile to be popular in situations where floors are modernised or reused for different purposes in relatively short cycles, such as in shopping centres, catering establishments, the hotel sector, storage areas, and more.

Cork backing
What’s special about DryTile is its cork layer, which ensures that the tile is firmly suctioned to the floor.

1. High quality ceramic floor tile (brand Agrob Buchtal
2. 2,5mm cork layer sintered on the backside with defined edges on all sides.
3. An exact and elegant joint results automatically when tiles are laid.

This means that no mortar bed or adhesive is needed. The principle is ingeniously simple: the tile’s inherent weight presses the cork layer onto the substrate where it adheres, vacuum-like, and guarantees that everything stays firmly in place. Enhanced by decoupling in the case of floating installations, cork also ensures improved impact sound insulation. The product offers all the advantages of ceramic tiles. It is light-fast, UV-resistant and odour-neutral; heavy furniture does not leave any pressure marks; it is non-flammable as well as impervious to heat.

Can endure immediate traffic
DryTile system floors can be walked on immediately, enabling the continuation of other tasks such as electrical installation, painting or drywall work practically without interruption. The only prerequisite for the use of the product is a smooth subsurface (inside micrometre 2mm on 2m length). Prior to installation, the subsurface must be examined for evenness and surface quality using the appropriate measuring instruments. The dimensional accuracy and evenness of the laying surface must comply with that of the finished covered area. This can be achieved by means of full-surface levelling, which allows for “visible” planning by architects, instead of planning that is done according to rigidly specified separating joints and minimum clearances.

Single tile replacement
Another advantage of the product is that damaged tiles can be replaced within minutes. Joints are easily cut open and there is no drying times for tile adhesive – simply insert the new tile and re-grout. Because the floors do not require any adhesive and installation is fast, the process is free from noise, dust and other irritating factors.

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