Even though noise is among the most under-reported problems at hotels and other establishments, according to the JD Power annual Hotel Guest Satisfaction Survey, it bothers guests more than dirty rooms or unfriendly staff.
Hotels by their very design are noise magnets since there are plenty of hard surfaces, such as tiles, concrete and ample amounts of glass. With that, Aluglass Bautech has solutions for most problem areas to keep hotels peaceful and quiet.

Acoustic glazing makes a big difference in containing noise in the building as a whole. Aluglass Bautech’s specialised glazing products with various options in its Glassflex range, offer a turnkey solution for facades, curtain walls, windows and doors.

The lobby
In the reception area, Fabricmate acoustic panels can be strategically placed along walls and ceilings to treat and reduce sound reverberation, while mobile dividers can be installed to isolate the sounds of different areas, such as the check-in and the waiting lounge.
Hotel rooms
If shared walls between hotel rooms aren’t insulated, noise reduction panels such as Fabricmate can be styled to double as artwork or aesthetic elements of the room. These can also be installed near televisions to reduce noise from travelling. If rooms share an adjoining door, a Varikust acoustic door would ensure complete privacy.

Varikust acoustic doors significantly cut down sounds from hallways. To further absorb sounds, Fabricmate acoustic panels can be installed along the wall, decorated to suit the décor and be totally unobtrusive.

Fabricmate absorption panels in a hotel hallway.

Building services
Elevators are surprisingly noisy, but a few strategic Fabricmate acoustic panels in the surrounding area can dramatically cut down the sound. One can also add panels around the elevator’s engine room, and along the air-conditioner system to reduce noise.

In addition, Varikust acoustic doors can help to contain sound in store rooms for back-up generators and when used as exit doors, it keeps noise from outside just there.

Conference rooms
Variflex mobile acoustic dividers, with integrated Varikust acoustic doors, are top hung without any floor tracks for that added sophistication. Perfect for dividing conference rooms into smaller areas, allowing events to happen side-by-side without disturbing each other. Acoustic panels can also be integrated into the Variflex system or suitably arranged across the room, to not only reduce noise and create the right sound dynamics but also to achieve an aesthetic appeal.

Business centre
The GF Serene acoustic re-mountable partition system is ideal to create private space at one’s convenience or business demands, or to achieve dedicated telephone booths or Internet areas that require certain levels of noise and privacy.

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Fabricmate absorption panels in a hotel room.