If you have small windows in your home, you may wish for them to appear larger and let in more light.  Here are a few ways to make your windows appear larger.

Curtains Hung High
Hang your curtains several inches or feet above your windows to make your windows appear taller.  You can even add a roman shade, cornice board, valance, or bamboo shades between the curtains and above your window that hangs down to just below the top of your window to fill the wall space.  Curtains should be hung so the bottom is 1/2″ from the floor, so make sure to measure twice before hanging your curtain rod to ensure the proper length.

Curtains Hung Wide
Extend your curtain rod well past your windows to the left and right.  Stack your curtains back on the wall instead of over your window to make your windows appear larger.  The curtains will give the illusion that your window is wider than it actually is.

No Swag
Many people leave their drapes closed at the top but swag them to the side using tie backs.  Instead of cutting off the top portion of your window, allow your curtains to fall straight down at the outside edges of your window.

Fabric Pattern
Vertical striped curtain fabric draws attention up, thus giving the illusion of more height.  Horizontally striped fabric will draw attention side to side and give the illusion of more width.

Sheer or Translucent Curtains
Sheer and Translucent Curtains will allow light to pass through them, increasing the amount of light in your room, thus making your windows appear larger.

Consider adding mirrors adjacent to the left and right of your window that are angled slightly toward the window.  The mirrors will reflect the light coming from the window and make the window appear larger.  You can even add a mirror on a wall opposite a window to reflect light coming from that window and give the feeling of an additional window.

Source: www.interiordesigninfo.com