Diamonds on the floor

by Ofentse Sefolo
Diamonds on the floor

Innovations in flooring have been few and far between the past year, but the latest stair nosing invention of a rubber pyramid design offers an all-weather, multipurpose and anti-slip diamond tread which is suitable for use in both domestic and commercial projects.

The Diamond Rubber inserts by Kirk Marketing are made from SBR rubber, have good compression, excellent abrasion resistance, good wear, shear resistance and excellent impact resistance.

Multiple use
The rubber infill with Anti Slip Pyramids assists with superior slip resistance in dry, wet, powdery and commercial applications for use internally and externally. The insert is self-adhesive and amazingly easy to install.

This infill is available as a black anti-slip insert that can also be used on its own on ramps and areas that require nonslip strips and is ideally suited for use on glazed and sealed tiles and hard surfaces.

Diamond rubber inserts are ideally suited for use with the following five aluminium retrofit stair nosing options:
• 62mm wide ramped stair nosing
• 45mm wide single stair nosing
• 52mm wide single bull stair nosing
• 85mm wide double stair nosing
• 45mm wide tread

In the stainless steel stair nosing, the diamond infill is available with two retrofit stainless-steel options as well as the tile-in stainless steel option.

For more on the latest flooring innovation, contact Kirk:
Tel: 27 (11) 444 1441
Email: sales@kirk.co.za
Website: http://kirk.co.za

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