New from the iTe Products Stable: iTe Products combines Italian Flair with German Engineering, a first in the South African decorative floor market. Presenting iTe CEMOX, a decorative floor system designed from the ground up to deliver fail-safe and unique floor finishes.

Forming part of the DECORiTe range, the iTe CEMOX decorative screed finish system carries the iTe stamp of quality and reliability. From the bottom up, the system incorporates the latest European technologies, ensuring a super-flat, super-smooth, non-slip surface that carries the well-known iTe guarantee. Deriving from a powder form, the CEMOX decorative finish is custom made up per order and prepared for simple installation by accredited installers. Simple and effective, iTe CEMOX derives from the typical Beton Ciré effect, delivering a unique, urban and contemporary style.

The application of iTe CEMOX involves a trained applicator’s physical involvement in the process. As such, each iTe CEMOX application carries a personal touch that sets it apart from all others. Your iTe CEMOX screed finish will be yours, and yours only.

With final visual effects originating from a hand-mixed powder pigment, the iTe CEMOX system offers four pigment base colours, with the final visual tonality of the chosen pigment being determined by the application of a primer that lightens the appearance of the finished pigment.

iTe PRODUCTS is undertaking the release of DECORiTe CEMOX in a carefully orchestrated manner in order to ensure that partners in the business are carefully trained and acquainted with all the technicalities of the system, with training on each component application.
This process is time consuming but a critical part of setting up partner’s application teams.
The process will entail developing teams in Cape Town and Gauteng and once these are established and bedded down, the CEMOX will be taken to other regional centres.
Clear communication will follow regarding the appointment of accredited partners and the roll out, to be followed by national and regional advertising and promotion programmes to generate awareness and create demand for the product.

CEMOX is ideal for Residential and Commercial applications; its attractive “Cement” look is the culmination of individual layers which are applied separately in a specific sequence, firstly to provide the smooth flat base onto which the decorative finishes are applied. The system can be applied onto substrates that are dry, ie. <3,5% moisture content, or when used in conjunction with VAPORiTe moisture barrier onto surfaces that have a moisture content above the 3,5%.

As each component that makes up the system has to cure before the next layer starts, the application of the entire system takes some 3 days (or 4 if VAPORiTe is needed).
The final surface finish can be either gloss or semi-matt depending on the client’s wishes.
An important feature of the finished product is that the surface is non-slip, making it safe for wet areas as well.

For more information, contact iTe Products on Tel: +27 (11) 864 4918 or via

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