Tabu veneers’ decorative dyed and reconstituted ranges add Italian flair and craftsmanship to local walls and furnishings. A fashionable alternative to natural wood, these are pre-dyed in a range of contemporary shades for uniquely exciting design possibilities.
The structures, patterns and shades of the dyed natural and multi-laminar woods (MW) combine the classical beauty of traditional timber with saturated colour and expert craftsmanship.

Did you know?
The use of veneers considerably reduces the total volume of solid wood, with 1m2 of solid wood producing 50m2 of veneer.

Veneer is ideal for wall panelling and interiors with an organic theme, offering an authentic alternative to wallpapers that can also be applied to furniture and fixtures such as boardroom tables. The sheets are applied to boards or panels in either book-match, slip-match or random directions, ensuring consistent pattern repeats in stripes, crowns or flame patterns with either longitudinal or horizontal orientations. More exotic or rare species such as Birds Eye Maple, Burl and Stumpwood can be used for statement pieces and added exclusivity.

Tabu’s latest collection comprises four ranges of pre-finished contemporary designs – Graffiti, Pregiati, Fiammati and Rigati – in convenient 1 260 x 3 060mm sheets. These ranges offer the latest geometric and organic designs that are expertly laser-cut, assembled and fleece-backed with FSC-certified non-woven tissue.

Made from natural wood species including Oak, Eucalyptus, Figured Sycamore, Bird’s Eye Maple and Birch, these ready-made sheets have been skilfully transformed from raw material with natural flaws and differences into consistently similar patterns to ensure uniformity throughout.

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