Home extensions or additions to a room can be problematic in providing a seamless transition for the floor. Cemcrete has the answer with a system to create a seamless slip-joint.


Renovating your home can be more than just a lick of colour on the walls and new flooring. Often adding on, with the insertion of extra walling, is included in this process. What you find with this addition is that it is difficult to achieve a seamless look, as the new section will move, expand and contract at a different rate to the existing section it is joint to, which could create cracks that can shine through the top decorative coating.

Cemcrete has a system that will assist in achieving a seamless finish on top of which one of the decorative coatings can be applied. Known as a “slip-joint”, this area needs to be treated differently during the preparation process.

One of the biggest advantages of using Cemcrete is that the range of decorative finishes can be applied to different walling options like the new NuTech boards, different types of dry walling, as well as where plaster has been chased to place conduit piping for services such as electricity.

The products that are used to prepare the slip-joint before application of the selected coating are CemBond, CemLam, BaseCoat and Plaster Mesh. The process, in a nutshell, is a system of layering over the joint so that movement can still occur beneath the material system, but the coating on top of it can be held together.

Using CemBond as an adhesive and additive, prepare the wall on either side of the joint, so that the CemLam can adhere to it. Coat with BaseCoat, a cement-based skim-on material, then saturate the Plaster Mesh into the top of the BaseCoat. Thereafter re-coat on top of the Plaster Mesh. Once the BaseCoat has been finished by brush or roller, allow it to cure completely.

The cured BaseCoat over the joint further evens out the suction so that visible colour variation is avoided. Let this be the base to which SatinCrete, CemCote or CemWash can be applied, leaving the surface smooth and continuous.

Cemcrete’s decorative finishes come in a stunning range of colours, textures and applications to create the perfect natural look and leave your renovation project finished with timeless aesthetics and durability.

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