Candice Wicks from Smoothedge plays a key role in ensuring that her employees function within a healthy & happy environment.

Candice Wicks, Debtors and Creditors Administrator at Smoothedge, plays a key role in ensuring that the accounts department functions effectively. This is achieved by managing staff in a manner that allows them to apply their skills effectively, while concurrently enabling and encouraging them to pursue their passions within their respective fields.

There are certain values such as loyalty and trust that she believes are extremely important in order for a company to foster a hard-working and supportive environment. “Being a loyal employee adds value to the company and to my job,” Candice states. “I believe in Smoothedge and its products and by being loyal, it helps to ensure that the image and reputation of the company remains respectable. As I oversee some of the employees, I believe that I have the ability to motivate them, which is critical because a motivated employee results in increased productivity while at the same time producing better quality of work.”

She goes on to say that it is just as important to support employees as everyone experiences challenging times. “Without this kind of support and understanding, people can become less responsive and unhappy in themselves and their careers,” Candice says.

She is of the opinion that women show great leadership as they are excellent communicators, decision-makers and have the natural flair to coach others. “They have the ability to express empathy as they are inherently nurturers and therefore soft-hearted, yet they are excellent at being persuasive, have high energy levels and tolerate stress well,” states Candice.

She does not, however, think that a woman’s role in business is different to that of a man as both are able to make the same decisions and portray the same values and leadership skills if willing to. “That being said, there are key differences in that women are more process focused while men are more goal focused,” she concludes.