Having established an enviable reputation with the superb custom-weave carpets he has been producing for many years, and adding to his 30+ years of carpet-crafting experience, Pieter Nouwens has now introduced a refined collection of carpets using traditional Wilton weaving techniques. Expertly crafted on wire looms, MONN is a true product of commitment and passion.

MONN Wilton woven carpets mark the entry of the fifth generation into a long lineage of carpet makers. Named after Pieter Nouwens’ three sons, Marcus, Oscar and Nicholas Nouwens, MONN carpets are made from quality imported 100% pure wool spun into yarn and dyed locally.

The unique carpet collection is woven on Wilton wire looms at Nouwens Custom Weave in Harrismith, in the company’s world-class production facility.

The Wilton weaving technique, first practised in the town of Wilton, England, in the 1700s, still offers its original sturdy design and craftsmanship. Wilton weaving enables the carpet design to contain both loop-pile and cut-velvet finishes in various heights, and the Wilton weave gives the carpet maker more creative and structural freedom.

The precise process of weaving together pure wool yarns takes time, but results in an exceptionally durable and refined carpet. Woven wool carpets can withstand wear while maintaining their luxurious feel.

In addition to the benefits offered by the technique and the use of pure wool, the collection offers a modern carpet in different designs and colours, each design having its own character.

MONN artistically combines old-world quality and craft with a beautiful, sophisticated modern aesthetic, and the entire collection can be viewed by visiting the website www.monn.co.za.