Hygiene is a major concern for hospitals. In hospital environments, floors are especially controlled as they can transfer bacteria and transmit diseases which put patients at risk. FloorworX proposes the use of Sarlon tech sparkling PVC flooring which offers innovative solutions that go beyond the mandatory standards.

Sarlon tech sparkling offers benefits such as Stain’Protect – a weapon against stains; Bacteri’Protect – that radically stops bacterial growth; Robust – which provides excellent indentation performance of acoustic certified floors; Eco awareness – Sarlon tech sparkling also has the highest ranking of the Indoor Air Emissions declaration standard: Level 2.

Bacteri’Protect, designed by Forbo, is a new antibacterial and antifungal treatment using positive silver ions (Ag+), carrying an electrical charge that interferes with bacteria’s metabolism. Tested and approved by the Pasteur Institute in Lille, France, Bacteri’Protect stops the growth of all tested bacteria.

Sarlon tech sparkling has a genuine shield against stains. Stain’Protect provides high resistance to standard disinfectants used in hospital environments: Betadine, Eosin, Dakin, fluorescein, Hibiscrub and more. It is also effective against disinfectants such as ammonia, white spirits, acetone and bleach.

Sarlon tech sparkling’s optimised structure has a highly resilient and sturdy backing. This floorcovering is classified NF-UPEC.A+ (∆Lw = 15dB) whilst guaranteeing excellent resistance to indentation (0,006mm). It facilitates the rolling of heavy loads, especially hospital equipment, ensuring comfort for hospital workers and patients alike.

The Ion solution (Ag+) solution in the varnish and the wear layer of the floorcovering guarantees a permanent and constant action which strengthens the notion of durability over time, unlike a chemical additive.

Rooted in the surface and barely soluble in water, the ions (Ag+) present no risk of migration or loss of effectiveness. The renewal and sustainability of the antibacterial and antifungal action takes place in the surface’s natural layer, through the presence of new particles incorporating ions (Ag+).

The small quantity of silver ions used and their encapsulation in the matrix guarantee a product that is totally innocuous for the surrounding environment. In addition, Sarlon tech sparkling is 100% recyclable.

Sarlon tech sparkling has a T abrasion PVC compact wear layer, mineral embossed for outstanding scratch resistance, and its areas of application include healthcare environments, education, corporate offices and the retail industry.