A construction chemical company, Tremco Illbruck, has developed its PU700 masonry adhesive to bond bricks, blocks or stone as effectively as traditional mortar mixes, but without the need for on-site mixing and stockpiling of spoilable materials.

Available in 750ml canisters, a single container can replace a 25kg bag of mortar, as well as eight litres of water, at a cost that is on par with the equivalent mortar mix. Since its launch in Europe in 2010, the product has become very popular.

How it works
Tremco Illbruck PU700 is rapid-curing polyurethane foam that can be used for interior or exterior building projects. It has a high resistance to water and chemical damage. This makes the product ideal for tough conditions, as well as harsh landscaping projects in acid, alkaline or corrosive environments.

Stuart Fraser of FG Trading, local distributors of Tremco Illbruck products, says the foam is the first real alternative to mortar, as it is just as strong and durable as mortar. In addition, it takes only seconds to apply, sets within minutes and is easier to transport and store than cement and sand. He points to some of the clear advantages of the masonry foam adhesive:

  • No mixing: There is no need to spend time mixing sand and cement. Simply screw the canister onto the handheld gun and it is ready to use.   
  • No water: Traditional mortar requires the mixing of cement, sand and water in the correct proportions to obtain the maximum strength. PU700 has all the components inside the single-handed canister.
  • No power: PU700 does not require batteries, extension leads or generators. Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC)-free propellants provide the pressure required to apply the correct size beads to brick and block work.
  • No mess: The applicator provides accurate control, ensuring that adhesive is applied only where it is needed. No cleaning-up is required after the application or after the project is completed.
  • No waste: Contractors need only to use what they need. After use the canister can be left on the gun for future applications and excess material is simply removed with a cleaning towel.
  • In addition to replacing masonry, PU700 foam can also be used for cladding, breeze blocks, natural stone, gypsum blocks, aerated concrete, tiles, flagstones and even timber.

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