In the fast-moving commercial and retail environment, time is money. Floors have to be laid quickly and be available to other trades in the shortest time possible. Weber’s commercial screeds have been designed with this in mind.

Highly resistant to wear and tear, and to mechanical, chemical and thermal loads, these floors are readily accepted for use in warehouses, industrial premises, workshops and parking garages.

Specifying a Weber floor or screed enables the contractor to complete the necessary work speedily (often much faster than traditional methods), which in turn allows for foot and forklift traffic within 24 hours. This minimises downtime and ensures the installation is cost-effective.

Weber’s floor solutions can be used to reduce the cost of the building’s structure as they can be applied much more thinly (5-40mm) than traditional flooring and screeding methods. The thin screeds reduce the need for any adaptation to doors.

The range consists of products for use as floating, unbonded and bonded screeds including insulated, acoustic or heated floors. Weber floors and screeds are also produced in a manner compatible with low CO2 emissions, low dust and significantly lower pH levels.