Nashika Sidoo from Belgotex Floors knows what it takes to advance her career as a strong & determined woman.

Nashika Sidoo’s career at Belgotex Floors started in 2002 as Telesales Operator and after two years progressed onto Export Admin Controller. In 2010 she took over as Telesales Manager for local and international sales – a position she still carries out with great fervour today.

In her position she believes it is absolutely vital to listen to the customer. “This sounds like common sense, but you really need to understand their needs to really add value,” Nashika explains. “It’s important to ask the right questions to meet their particular requirements.”

Her mantra in life, “respect for yourself and others” directly infiltrates her career and influences her actions. “All decisions should be fair, honest and made with integrity,” she says. “This guides the way we go about our daily business and as a service driven department, we are very customer focused. Our customers are the reason for everything we do, which is why we do everything possible to keep them happy and satisfied. This in turn earns their loyalty.”

Simultaneously, she believes the staff are the heartbeat of the company and also need to be acknowledged and appreciated and afforded the opportunity for personal growth. “I like to think my management style empowers them to take the initiative and expand,” Nashika explains. “In the words of Mahatma Ghandi: ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’.”

She strongly advocates the importance of confidence and education when it comes to female leaders. “Women need to affirm their own worth and stop being apprehensive about delegating or giving direction to peers,” Nashika enthuses. “We have an amazing aptitude to learn as we go, so surround yourself with successful people. At Belgotex Floors, I’ve been fortunate enough to have the guidance and support of Lloyd Neuville, our Sales Director and Frank Moffat, our CEO, who impart their extensive knowledge and experience all the time. It’s important to take ownership of your career and be responsible for your own personal growth.”

Nashika firmly believes that women are as capable in a job as men, but that the approach taken by each may differ. “Women are not relegated to traditional ‘female roles’ such as PA, admin or secretary, we’re seeing all the more female fighter pilots, astronauts and engineers, which clearly demonstrates that we have the mental acuity for any position,” she continues. “We tend to be more holistic problem solvers, more sensitive with an emphasis on teamwork and conflict resolution than just getting the job done at all costs, which is an approach more often taken by men.”

She concludes by advising women to take ownership of their career and be responsible for their own personal growth. “Stay abreast of developments in your industry and actively upskill where necessary,” says Nashika.