Clean, dry floors in seconds

by Madelein
Clean, dry floors in seconds

Quick, convenient and effective floor care is an essential component of floor maintenance and care. Thanks to this latest product and technological advancement, floorcare has now become a breeze.

Numatic’s new 244NX Compact Scrubber Dryer provides fast, effective & clean results and simultaneously delivers:

  1. A 70% saving in cleaning costs.
  2. An 80% reduction in water usage.

Failproof results

The 244NX produces fantastic results, especially in those hard-to-reach areas. Often, the only solution to cleaning in small and congested areas has been to use the traditional, old fashioned mop and bucket, which leaves floors wet, slippery and gives inconsistent results.

Thanks to the 244NX’s lightweight design, it is simple to use and will not only leave floors clean and dry, but also safer to walk on.

Some of the 244NX unique features include:
• One-pass performance.
• 80 minutes runtime with fast-charge technology.
• NX300 high-power lithium battery packs which are compatible across the cordless cleaning range.
• Colour-coded touch points.
• Fully adjustable handle for comfort, manoeuvrability & versatility.
• Easily removable tanks ensure simple, fast emptying & filling.
• Adjustable water flow.
• Foot-operated floor tool eliminates frequent bending.
• Counter rotating brushes deliver controlled & easy handling.
• Centrifugal water delivery for even & consistent distribution.

For more information, contact Numatic:
Tel: +27 861 686 284
Email: sales@numatic.co.za
Website: www.numatic.co.za

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