As a company that is committed to sustainable innovation, AfriSam has revised its entire product portfolio in line with its strategic vision and positioning.

Commenting on this revision, AfriSam’s commercial executive, Grant Neser, says: “The revised product line-up has been developed to deliver the most effective, fit-for-purpose solutions to particular applications. This is the first time the company has introduced product improvements across its full range on such a broad scale, and more is coming.

“Over the years, AfriSam has made considerable investments into the development and production of advanced composite cements. Our new product line-up reflects our commitment to delivering superior value to our customers and at the same time supports our company focus on product performance and environmental responsibility.”

He continued: “Our premium brand product, All Purpose Cement, has now been upgraded from the 32.5N to the 32.5R strength class. We are particularly proud to achieve the ‘R’ rating while retaining an extremely low carbon footprint. We’ve effectively introduced technological advances that have boosted performance in terms of the strength, performance, durability and workability associated with advanced composite cements, without sacrificing sustainability.

“By moving to the ‘R’ class, we are now able to offer 15% more concrete, which is becoming a norm for leading brands. However, what makes our All Purpose Cement unique is that it not only makes exceptional concrete but it is also a best-in-class, all-round performer for mortar and plaster.”

Engineered as an all-round general purpose cement for concrete, mortar, plaster and screed applications, AfriSam’s All Purpose Cement is equally popular with builders, architects, engineers, contractors and DIY enthusiasts. It is spearheading the launch of the recently revised product portfolio into South African stores. An important feature of the new 32.5R All Purpose Cement is that it achieves the equivalent 7-day strength required from the old 32.5N class within only two  days, ensuring that building work can continue far sooner.

AfriSam’s popular Eco Building Cement, well-known for having a carbon footprint less than half the world average for cement, has now changed from the 32.5N to the 42.5N strength class.
Neser says: “This is a true construction-grade cement, which means that it can be used in both construction and general building applications. Its uniqueness lies in the ability to produce high performance concrete using this product, with strengths as high as 60MPa easily achieved. It is uniquely positioned for use in concrete, mortar and plaster applications for green buildings.”  

The company’s High Strength Cement has been upgraded from the 42.5N to the 42.5R strength class. The early strength has improved from an original target of greater than 10MPa to more than 20MPa within two days. The cement has been specially formulated and activated to allow for further extension with additional mineral components in the production of structural concrete. Although commonly used to achieve strengths of between 10 and 50MPa, it is also suitable for concrete strengths of up to 80MPa.

Neser comments that in contracts where durability is specified, High Strength Cement has proven to meet the required levels of oxygen permeability, chloride conductivity and water sorptivity. Despite the exceptional performance of this product, it maintains a carbon footprint lower than pure cement.

AfriSam’s top of the range Rapid Hard Cement for specialist concrete product manufacturers, where quick mould turnaround or formwork stripping times are required, has been upgraded from the 52.5N to the 52.5R strength class. This means the cement will achieve a minimum of 30MPa at the two-day mark, compared to the previous rate of 20MPa.

According to Neser, these improvements have created a super-performing product for a niche market where specific challenges are faced.

All AfriSam bagged products carry the e-mark, reflecting compliance with SANS 1841 that guarantees accurate and consistent bag weights.

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