“Le Venue”, the Restaurant and Tasting room project at The House of JC Le Roux, was completed by Quartz Carpet, just in time for the 2012/13 summer season. It is looking fabulous!

“I love the floor! It makes the entire space lighter and brighter, plus it is easy to keep clean,” restaurant manager Claudine Dyson enthused.

“The biggest drive in the renovation, designed to improve the connectivity between the store, the tasting area and the restaurant, was the floor,” says Michelle Shaw from Visser Kapperer de Bruin Architecture & Interior Design. “We wanted to convey elegance and freshness … everything that JC Le Roux stands for. The floor achieves this by portraying a lightness, with that extra little sparkle to reflect the good life.”

Quartz Carpet has been used in residential projects and it has established confidence in the product. Its seamless nature is a perfect match for the JC Le Roux Brand of silver, white and sparkle.  As this area is prone to spillages, the company conducted tests on floor samples with sparkling red wine spills before committing.  These proved easy to clean and left no residue or stain.

Jeremy Stewart of Quartz Carpet says, “We are thrilled to be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Quartz Carpet in South Africa with the JC Le Roux project. I cannot think of any project or brand which would be more in keeping with celebrating this milestone.”

Quartz Carpet’s most recent project – the Le Venue Restaurant & Wine Tasting at The House of JC le Roux – has drawn compliments from the local community and international visitors alike.