Flowcrete Africa is a world leader in the manufacture of seamless resin flooring systems and self-levelling floor screeds for industrial and commercial flooring sectors.

Flowcrete Africa has a fresh approach to flooring and is constantly looking to introduce world-class flooring systems that offer a number of performance advantages that make floors so much more than something to walk over.

We are dedicated to producing environmentally friendly flooring materials and using our planet’s resources responsibly across all of our operations to ensure a greener, more sustainable world at our feet.

Our offices in Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Nairobi serve the expanding business opportunities across Africa. With major projects at Unilever, Toyota, Néstle, Shoreline Beverages, Food Lover’s Market, Iveco and Aspen Pharmacare, Flowcrete Africa continues to grow from strength to strength.

An introduction to our products / segments / ranges

Industrial flooring systems deliver highly resilient and durable workhorse surfaces suited to use in a wide range of demanding industrial plants and process environments.
Commercial flooring systems combine colour, performance and design to deliver a durable floor finish suited to use in a wide variety of commercial venues and retail environments
Flowfresh, a polyurethane concrete flooring system, is ideal for use in the food and beverage manufacturing industries
The Flowfast range of decorative acrylic resin floor coatings contains methyl methacrylate catalyst that can cut floor cure times down to just two hours
Deckshield waterproofing car park protection systems have been designed to meet a host of aesthetic, performance and service conditions for car park environments
Seamless terrazzo flooring range, Mondéco delivers a stylish surface suited for use in upmarket commercial environments
The Flowchem VE low shrink modified vinyl ester resin lining, paint and coatings range defends against highly concentrated acids, alkalis and solvents.
Isocrete Floor Screeds range has been designed to address the needs of the sub-floor to deliver the necessary strength required to install a quality floor finish.

Latest projects with products from Flowcrete

Secunda SuperSpar
Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Park
Orange Grove Dairy
Acacia Beverages
Apple Tree
SRF Limited


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