Being a game changer in resilient floor maintenance, Bona Resilient Care Program enables any floor owner an entire new possibility of updating their existing resilient floors.

Based on extensive knowledge and a century of experience in wood floor treatment, Bona now enters the resilient floor market with an innovative and sustainable system that delivers excellent results and considerable benefits.

The resilient system enables the floor owner to restore worn and damaged rubber, PVC, PU, vinyl and linoleum floors, for the first time ever, eliminating the need for full floor replacement. This reduces downtime by an impressive 50%, resulting in considerable savings for the floor owners. In addition – an industry first – even redesigning of the floor is now possible.

“Our long experience and passion for wooden floors has enabled us to extend our offer to new markets and develop products and solutions also for other floor types. As part of our dedication to innovation, sustainability and extending the life of floors, we have now developed a completely new offering to meet the needs for professionals and floor owners in the resilient floor market.”, said Kerstin Lindell, President & CEO of Bona AB.

The Bona resilient system includes processes and products covering everything from full renovation and recoating to daily cleaning resulting in a prolonged life of the floor and fresh looks. The system can be used in all types of environments – commercial areas such as offices and hotels, to sports halls and airports.

A Care Program for Every Situation
The Bona Resilient Care Program is an innovative, highly effective program for care and maintenance of resilient flooring. Our high quality, sustainable program allows you, to not only maintain floor freshness but also to totally transform the look of your existing floor without replacing it. Even in heavy traffic areas, surfaces can be sealed for extra durability and long-term protection.
✔ Easy and effective performance
✔ For all resilient floor care situations
✔ Simplicity and support

Transforming Worn Floors
We call it Recoating, you could call it a brand new floor. With Bona Resilient Care Program you are able to transform existing resilient floors like a linoleum or PVC floor. The result is simply outstanding!


Unique Method
Preparation using Bona FlexiSand with our high performance Bona Diamond Abrasives, enables you to achieve the optimal prepared surface in no time. It´s now ready for restoration or even a complete redesign. This is where you use the specially developed lacquers like Bona Pure or Bona Pure Colour.

50 % Less Downtime
A total renovation of f ex 300 sqm could take 6 days if you exchange the entire resilient floor. With Bona Resilient Care Program you could do it just 3 days. And then you even could choose between keeping the existing look of the floor or change to an entire new colour.

The Program
With the Bona Resilient Care Program’s solutions, there are no limits. Whatever the floor type, restoring it to its former beauty couldn’t be easier or more effective when following our unique treatment program. From changing the colour or design of an existing floor, to full renovations including hard to reach areas, you can rely on Bona for an outstanding result.

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