The décor options for bathrooms are not conducive to hanging art or wallpaper on the walls because the hot, wet and steamy conditions prevent their use. This means that the décor options are often seriously limited – until now!

Bathroom Bizarre is launching a range of uniquely printed glass décor wall panels, shower screens, splashbacks and countertops that are ideally suitable for any wet areas in and around the home, including bathrooms, kitchens, as well as outdoor areas around spa baths, pools or water features.

These frameless panels are beautiful enough to be used as standalone features in their own right – not just restricted to wet areas – and they can be used to great affect for decorating any walls throughout the home or acting as partial screens to divide various areas within an open-plan living space. Until recently, the only way of adding unique features into these wet areas was by introducing mosaics, tiles or painting the walls.

Saville Jacobson from Bathroom Bizarre says: “Bathroom Bizarre will be the first to introduce these gorgeous glass décor glass panels and shower screens to the South African market. The range comprises a selection of glass panels with quality artwork printed directly onto them – each image is loaded and printed directly onto the glass using a specialised software system.”

He says that the ink used to print the images is robust and will not fade, discolour or scratch easily. “It can be cleaned easily with any non-abrasive household cleaners, and the product will have a UV-resistant lifespan of seven years for indoor applications and five years for exterior applications.”  

The panels can be ordered directly from Bathroom Bizarre, and they will require a 10-day lead-time to have the panels printed.

For more information, contact Bathroom Bizarre on 0861 555 000 or visit the website at to shop online or find a store closest to you.