The balcony of a home in Cape Town was resealed and protected using high-quality products that can withstand demanding conditions.

When a Cape Town home needed its balcony resealed and protected against the harsh winter rainfall, Sika’s reputable waterproofing solutions came to the fore as ideal for the job at hand.  

Gersom Mouton Maintenance (GM) approached Sika’s David van der Ross for advice on a rib and block balcony they were contracted to repair. The balcony had previously been waterproofed and tiled but, following last winter’s heavy rains, it had started to leak, damaging ceilings and walls beneath. Sika’s Customer Technical Services expert, Harry Govindsamy, steered David in the right direction, recommending Sikalastic-152, Sikalite and Sikaflex-11FC+ i-Cure as the best waterproofing and sealing solutions for the job.

GM firstly removed all tiles and existing waterproofing on the balcony floors and walls. They then laid a new screed incorporating Sikalite and, once this had dried, applied Sikalastic-152 with the glass fibre mat. In addition, Sikaflex-11FC+ was used for sealing around the aluminium doors. David inspected the project on a regular basis and found the 70m² area covered to be perfectly sound and able to stand the rigours of the Cape weather for many years to come.