Architectural copper product range launched in SA

by Ofentse Sefolo
Architectural copper product range launched in SA

International manufacturer Aurubis’s highly renowned Nordic Copper product range is now being made available exclusively to the South African market by licenced distributors, Wilkinson Architectural Metals.

This unrivalled range of factory-applied surface treatments has been innovatively developed to provide various stages of oxidation and patination of copper for facades and roofs. The processes involved are similar to those taking place over time in the environment and utilize copper mineral compounds, not invasive chemical treatments. Essentially, they bring forward the environmental changes without taking away the integrity of Nordic Copper as a natural, living material.

Stephen Wilkinson, managing director of Wilkinson Architectural Metals, says: “With an ‘A1 (non-combustible material)’ fire classification to EN 13501-1, the copper is suitable for use in cladding in various construction applications, from decorative facades to custom roofing.”

Extensive colour and décor options
The extensive Nordic Décor product line combines pre-oxidized, burnished and pre-patinated copper with various mechanical surface treatments, e.g., grindings and pattern embossing.

The various Nordic Décor grindings for Nordic Standard, Nordic Brass, Nordic Bronze and Nordic Brown are applied onto one face of the copper sheet and give the surface a rustic and grainy finish.

The individual grindings and pattern embossings offer new freedom of design and can be used for different applications – indoors, e.g., in hotels for bars and counters, wall design, elevator cladding and ceilings, and in external design as an eye-catcher and for facades.

As a design element for roofing, it shines as a maintenance-free, storm-and rain-resistant building surface. The material can be shaped, edged, milled, lasered, cut and bent.

In addition to the large number of products, the type and intensity of the grinding and pattern embossing can be adjusted individually.

The extensive Nordic Blue, Nordic Green and Nordic Turquoise ranges have been developed with properties and colours based on the same brochantite mineralogy found in natural patinas all over the world and offer various “living” surfaces. The copper alloys include Nordic Bronze, Nordic Brass and the innovative Nordic Royal, with a rich golden through-colour.

The benefits of Copper
The Nordic Copper product range for use in architectural applications, such as facades and roofs, offers an unrivalled lifespan, zero maintenance and full recyclability. This pure and natural material exhibits a unique range of characteristics and performance benefits, including:
• Protection by its patina against corrosion in any atmospheric conditions, durable and problem-free with no maintenance.
• Exceptional, indefinite lifespan demonstrated over hundreds of years, and without underside corrosion issues.
• Cost-efficient substrates and low ‘whole-life’ costs.
• Easy malleability at any temperature and no brittleness in cold weather.
• Low thermal movement and high melting point, which prevents stretching in hot weather.
• Non-toxic and safe to work with.

Nordic Copper enables individual architectural solutions with a durable finish as well as a sustainable legacy for future generations.

For more information, contact Wilkinson Architectural Metals:
Tel: +27 21 6712600
Cell: +27 72 998 0218
Email: stephen@wilkinson-am.co.za
Website: www.wilkinson-am.co.za

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