For the facade cladding of the integrated multi-storey car park at the Mall of Africa, MDS Architects selected Novelis ff2® pre-painted aluminium in the light metallic shade of Tadmoormetallic, with a transparent protective layer on the reverse of the metal.
Varying sizes were cut from 1 437 x 3 880mm ff2® aluminium sheets and formed into individual patterns. These were fixed on a vertical aluminium substructure with wall spacings ranging between 100mm and 400mm. By laying the aluminium plates horizontally, a sinusoidal wave structure was created over the 4 000m² area.

Due to its weather-resistant PVdF coating and low maintenance requirements, ff2® pre-painted aluminium is characterised by its longevity in extreme climate zones. The ff2® facade sheets of Novelis solid aluminium are also 100% recyclable.

Both solid aluminium and aluminium composite panels are often used for facades. The classification concerning the combustibility of aluminium composite materials depends on the core structure, the manufacturer and the material. Those with a polymer core have a maximum fire rating of A2.

Conversely, solid aluminium panels are made of 100% aluminium and are non-combustible. Novelis solid aluminium facade panels are rated with the highest classification of A1 according to DIN EN 13501-1. Furthermore, facades made of Novelis aluminium won’t produce smoke or drip in case of fire.

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Caption main image: The eye-catching facade on the car park at the Mall of Africa was created using Novelis ff2® pre-painted aluminium.