While the characteristics of collaboration, visioning and implementation are at the core of forward thinking, without collaboration, the visions that leaders create are rarely implemented. Olivia Munchin, National Sales Manager at Nouwens Carpets points out that proactively identifying opportunities and implementing new strategies is what drives market growth and enables a company to align itself with the vision and strategy that ultimately underpins its financial performance and future growth.

“In an ever-changing local economy that is often driven by political turmoil, poor economic growth and in an era of disruption, technological advances and new workplace trends, companies need to embrace change to remain relevant. This means that we have to stay connected with what’s happening in our industry and the world. Failure to follow a strategy that aligns and supports this forwarding thinking approach will result in companies becoming obsolete in the future,” says Olivia.

The flooring market has changed significantly over the past decade. A declining market share for domestic soft flooring products and cheaper imports has demanded a change in strategy.

“In order to remain relevant, we have strategically adopted the latest technologies and aligned ourselves with the international players within the industry.  We’ve also refocused on sustainable development across all of our activities to give clients a product that minimises its impact on the environment,” says Olivia.

Nouwens has recently partnered with international brands Modulyss and Tarkett, which are both forward thinking companies in their own right. The partnership has given Nouwens the opportunity to leverage off their international presence and expand their commercial offering locally.

The Modulyss brand is well known both locally and internationally and is geared towards architects and designers seeking a high-quality and trend defining floor space. Modulyss carpet tiles are available in a huge array of colours, structures and patterns and allow creative possibilities that are both stylish and exclusive.

“This partnership has allowed us to increase our commercial tile range offering to 53,” says Olivia.

The company has also partnered with Tarkett to manufacture their field turf and landscape turf in South Africa, which has increased Nouwens’ soft coverings offering.

“In addition to these partnerships, we have embarked on a partnership with a local group whereby we manufacture individual ranges for them. Aligning ourselves with a local group has allowed us to capitalise on our manufacturing capabilities and capture a portion of the market that we could not previously access, we have aligned ourselves with the requirements of our client.” says Olivia.

Nouwens is constantly changing and re-aligning their strategy to seize opportunities within the industry. As market conditions evolve, the company sees strategies that aren’t adopted and implemented by their management team as worthless documents.

“International Flooring Expos will continue to provide insight into trends and designs. However, without a strategy we could drift away from our customers and become uncompetitive within our environment. Our focus is on commercial business opportunities and offering a value engineered product at a competitive price. As a family owned enterprise, one of our key advantages is that we are able to stay nimble and adapt to evolving market conditions,” concludes Olivia.

For more information, contact the Nouwens Carpets on +27 (58) 622 1101 or via www.nouwenscarpets.co.za