Two internationally acclaimed architects, Dong-Ping Wong and Annabelle Selldorf, will be attending Design Indaba 2019, which is set to take place on 27 February to 1 March 2019 at the Opera House of the Artscape Theatre Centre in Cape Town.

They will be showing the divergent and eclectic nature of architectural thinking and problem solving, which extends beyond spatial design and has evolved to find hidden spaces in everything from fashion and technology to transportation and classic urban design.

Annabelle Selldorf is the founder of Selldorf Architects, a firm whose guiding principles are deeply rooted in humanism, orienting the firm toward projects that are more about problem solving and that contribute to society.

Selldorf was recently awarded the Panerai Design Miami/Visionary Award for the Mwabwindo School in Zambia, which was developed as a space that could provide educational access to the area’s radically underserved rural populations. The school sought to create a sustainable and unique solution, featuring mud-brick classrooms with features such as solar panels, rainwater collection mechanisms and a windmill to power the facilities.

Sunset Park Material Recovery Facility by Selldorf Architects (Brooklyn, NY)


Selldorf is celebrated for her simple, understated, yet subtly opulent design language and she is best known for the Sunset Park Material Recovery Facility on the Brooklyn Waterfront.

“At a time when cultural projects, for example, can’t be big enough or gestural enough, something like this is really appealing. It’s about empathy and collaboration with the users, not entertainment and grandeur for people who have time on their hands,” says Selldorf.

Dong-Ping Wong is a prominent go-to figure in his field and he has influenced a generation of architects with his modern and ambitious approach to spatial and cultural projects. He founded firms Family and FOOD and he has done work for A-list designers and musicians, as well as come up with creative environmental inventions.

Under Family, Wong teamed up with controversial musician Kanye West for the iconic mountain stage design created for West’s Yeezus tour in 2013, with the help of former Design Indaba speaker Es Devlin. His latest goal is to make cities better places to live, and it is a goal that his FOOD venture is pursuing.

Golden Tower


“FOOD designs environments with the simple purpose of making cities better places to live. Regardless of type or scale, we believe that buildings, like the people who live and work within them, can actively contribute to making the environments around us more productive, inclusive and awesome,” says Wong.

Both Wong and Selldorf live Design Indaba’s ethos of “A better world through creativity”, and attendees can expect compelling presentations that combine career-changing insights and the most cutting-edge work on the global circuit.

The globally acclaimed Design Indaba Conference was established in 1995 and has evolved into a multidisciplinary platform that champions the creative sectors. Its guiding principle is “A better world through creativity”. The Design Indaba Cape Town Simulcast will be screened as a live feed from the main conference and will take place in the Theatre Venue at the same location.

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Main image: Yeezus Stage