Due to the perfectly translucent application of Sikaflex Crystal Clear, this new adhesive and sealant is ideal to use on transparent surfaces such as glass, plastic or acrylic, but it will invisibly blend into any coloured surface as well.
Suitable for both DIY and contractor projects, it can be used on most surfaces including metal, glass, concrete, plaster, plasterboard, wood surfaces, painted enamel, polyester and plastics. Since it is waterproof, it can also be applied in bathrooms, kitchens and areas exposed to moisture.

Sikaflex Crystal Clear offers excellent workability on vertical and horizontal joints, connection joints as well as for caulking between partitions, sealing of metal and wood constructions, ventilations and soundproofing of pipes – wherever a transparent bond line is needed. It is solvent-free and easy to apply with low shrinkage during cure.

Launched by Sika, this new one-component, multipurpose, 100% transparent sealant complements the industry-renowned basket of Sikaflex-11 FC, Sikaflex Pro-3i and Sikaflex AT Facade.

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Sikaflex Crystal Clear is ideal for use on transparent surfaces such as glass, plastic or acrylic, due to its crystal clear application.