Two new types of knee pads have been launched by TAL under its own brand name. The knee pads will ensure safe and comfortable installations by contractors and facilitate the installation of TAL products.

TAL designed ‘Comfort’ knee pads for the DIY market and a more robust version for contractors. Both ranges can be found instore at leading tiling and hardware retailers.

In addition to the knee pads, the company is launching a new range of tile cutters, from manual cutters for the DIY tiler, to larger models for professional contractors. The Home Tiler’s Manual Tile Cutter is available in 500mm and 600mm versions. It features a simple score and snap-cutting action, with a dual chrome-plated, heavy-duty steel rail to ensure smooth scoring.

TAL Marketing Manager, Gela Ohl, says larger models are available in a range of sizes to accommodate different size tiles. “These are of a heavy-duty design and construction specifically for daily use on site. Replacement tungsten carbide wheel kits are also available for both the Home Tiler’s and Contractor’s manual tile cutter ranges,” says Gela.

Larger format tiles can be effortlessly and accurately cut with the Professional Contractor’s Heavy Duty Manual Tile Cutter. This version is available in 750mm and 900mm versions and features include cutting head carriage with ball bearings for high-precision cutting, a balancing arm to support larger tiles during use and a large graduated swivelling cutting guide.

For more information, contact Tal on +27 (11) 206 9700 or via