The latest EGGER PRO Flooring 2018-2020 Collection includes Aqua+ laminate flooring. This range has been developed to address customer demands based on market research, namely that floors should be robust, moisture-resistant, modern and visually appealing.

The Tyrolean wood-based materials manufacturer has succeeded in creating a water-resistant floor that is well suited to bathrooms, restaurants, entrance halls, kitchens and bars. Due to the specially developed high density fibre (HDF) core board, it is five times more resistant to water swelling than a standard laminate. Waterproof skirting is available in matching decors, along with sealer, moisture barrier underlay and mats to ensure maximum water resistance and a high quality consistent finish.

The functional product range features the latest woodgrain décor, thanks to the company’s design experts travelling across the globe to find the latest texture and décor trends to use as inspiration for the new range. Woodgrain decors are available in a classic board format (1291 x 193mm) and feature eight oak, walnut and elm finishes.

Like most of the company’s flooring, Aqua+ is quick and easy to install. The range is fitted using UNIfit and the flexible and floating installation technology means that no tools are required. Multiple installers can therefore work simultaneously in one room to save on time and labour costs. The click system also makes the flooring easy to install around pipes, radiators and doors.

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