3 key requirements for a designer furniture store

by Ofentse Sefolo
3 key requirements for a designer furniture store

In 2009, Weylandts designer furniture store in Umhlanga installed a stunning white Flowcrete surface using the epoxy flooring system, Flowshield. After eight years of exceptional service from the floor, the company called on Flowcrete to create a floor for its new mezzanine extension that matches the existing finish across the store’s ground floor area.

With the initial flooring installation, Weylandts wanted 1) a solution that conveyed a clean, minimalistic style and ambience; 2) a floor that would be easy to clean and maintain; and 3) a high performance surface for an extended period despite the foot traffic, point loading, scrapes, scuffs and scratches that it would be faced with on a daily basis. Because the initial Flowshield was able to meet these aesthetic and functional requirements, Weylandts was confident Flowcrete South Africa could assist once again.

One of the challenges encountered on the project was that the upstairs level of the furniture store had a coated imported shutter board substrate that the resin system would have to be laid onto. This is a difficult platform for resin flooring to bond with. An application process tailored to ensure a resin coating could be applied on coated shutter boards had to be planned. To overcome this issue, a different combination of products was specified for the 330m2 mezzanine area and a special plan was devised to prep the shutter boards.

Preparation of the boards was a critical part of the project. In order to level out the boards, they were first sanded to remove the existing coating and provide a key for the primer. A combination of scatter aggregate and Ivory 320 were used to fill the gaps between the boards.

Deckshield LXP primer was then applied to the sanded and bonded boards and allowed to cure for 12 hours. A coat of the solvent free, polyurethane system, Deckshield, in white was then applied and left to cure for another 12 hours. To complete the floor build up, two coats of Deckshield UV White were applied with a cure time of 12 hours between each coat. The result of this customised system is a floor that will only require a very easy cleaning regime to maintain its’ immaculate white finish and day to day wear and tear will be kept to a minimum. The luxury furniture store was able to keep their doors open throughout the entire installation process.

Customers at Weylandts are now able to enjoy an even bigger site which has been carefully crafted to ensure that the floor flows seamlessly from one level to the next, maintaining the same clean identity and high-end retail experience at all times.

For more information, contact Flowcrete on +27 (31) 461 3411 or via www.flowcretesa.co.za.

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